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In terms of the best “Return on Investment”, Is it better to work on getting a really high paying job in Finance or get an average job and using the free time to invest in other income generating operations such as personal investing, real-estate and rental property etc.

I’m currently a University student majoring in Finance in my last year of school.
I’ve been doing a lot of research lately in terms of what options will provide me with the highest income in the future and would like some suggestion or advice in terms of what will provide me with the greatest ROI relative to the associated risks and benefits.
I initially wanted to get into IB or AM but not from a target school so ya’ll already know where this is going..
Option 1.
At this point, my first option would be to work in Corporate Finance, primarily in a FP & A, Credit Analyst or some type of valuation and advisory role.
Because I have little to no work experience, I plan on increasing my excel and modelling skills through the “FMVA” or Wall Street Prep”.
And hopefully gaining additional experience through either an internship or volunteering for free in some finance type position.
Now if I plan on moving up the ranks and maybe get a shot in IB or Corp Dev.. I will have to also take either the CFA or MBA down the road.
Option 1: Estimated income of $100k - $200k+ within a 3-6yr time frame.
If I’m a senior FP & A, Finance manager or land a position in IB or AM by then. —————————————————————
Option 2.
Get a normal finance job paying maybe around $50k a year or work as an FP&A, same route as above but Disregard the CFA and MBA.
And instead of pursuing these additional time consuming and costly designations in order to advance through the Corp ladder,
I can Allocate a certain % of annual income into side operations such as personal investing in terms of equities, small cap, forex trading.
After 2-3years, hopefully after saving, I’ll have enough capital to invest in real-estate/rental property as well.
Option 2 will hopefully provide me with 3 streams of income, 2 of which are residual streams of income.
5-6years time frame. $200k+ potentially more if I get lucky with my personal investments.
Expand once these operations are more established.
Anyways, which of these 2 options will provide me with the best ROI relative to the risks and benefits associated to each?
Any other thoughts on each of these 2 options?
It really comes down to using my free time off work to either gain additional credentials to advance my career or invest in other income generating operations.
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks! ;)
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